Safe Space Co      

3rd floor, Renaissance Plaza, Haile Selassie road, Masaki


We provide women with one all-encompassing solution for their growing businesses. Our co-working space gives women the chance to create, network and collaborate in a professional environment.



Working Hours

Monday - Friday 09:00:00 am - 05:00:00 pm
Saturday 01:00:00 am - 01:00:00 am
Sunday 01:00:00 am - 01:00:00 am

Reviews and Ratings

USD 60/Month
1 person
USD 150/Month
1 person
Day pass
USD 12/Day
1 person

We understand that not all entrepreneurs need to sit on a desk all day. If you have a business where you need to move around, then this option is perfect for you! Access Safe Space facilities 2 x days per week + 20% off Events and Courses! Pay $350 for Six (6) Months and save $10